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Chapter 6.30 RULES OF THE ROAD

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[This chapter was formerly Ord. 32 (part), 7/6/36; and Ord. 66 (part), 5/10/54; both as amended by Ord. 187, Secs. 13 and 17, respectively]

[Compiler’s Note: Respecting CMC 6.30.010, U-turns are also prohibited by state law (IC 9-4-1-76) under some circumstances. Respecting CMC 6.30.050, IC 9-4-1-69 prohibits passing in some circumstances. In such circumstances, violation of these provisions would require enforcement as state, rather than Town, violation. Respecting CMC 6.30.040, IC 9-4-1-84 requires only that a vehicle entering a public street from a private drive yield to any approaching vehicles]